CEA Digitech 4000 Vision

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•Spatter free exceptional welding characteristics in both MIG/MAG and PULSE & DUAL PULSE MIG on any material and with any gas

•Multifunction equipment with premium welding quality in MIG/MAG, MMA and TIG by “lift” mode

•Synergic digital control of all the welding parameters

•VISION.ARC software for premium performances with faster welding speed, higher welding wire deposition and reduced thermal dilatations

•User friendly and easy-to-use selection and recalling of the parameters and welding programs

•Personalized parameters: ability to store personalized welding parameters (JOBS)

•Excellent arc striking always precise and efficient

•Total or partial equipment access locking key by password

•Low Power Consumption results in daily operational cost savings.

•"ENERGY SAVING” function to operate the power source cooling fan and torch water cooling only when necessary

•Long interconnecting cable: possibility of using up to 50 m length, parameters can be adjusted from the feeder.

•Robot interface facility on request

•Control rack protection cover

SOFTWARE for special MIG/MAG process (optional)

•vision.PIPE for first root pass of pipes

•vision.COLD to weld thin material with a colder short arc with lower with lower heat transfer

•vision.POWER for a more concentrated arc and deeper penetration

•vision.ULTRASPEED for a higher welding speed

CEA Digitech 4000 Vision

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WORLDS MOST ADVANCED PLUSE MIG WITH THE WORLDS FIRST COLOUR MIG DISPLAY Enter the future of MIG-MAG welding with CONVEX inverter technology power sources: certainly not comparable at all with the MIG-MAG equipment we have been using so far. The synergic CONVEX VISION equipment are designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. They are available in the compact 3200 version and in the 4000 and 5000 versions with separate wire feeder. The synergic control device automatically determines the best welding parameters based on the type of material, the wire diameter and gas used. These power sources feature an innovative colour-back lit LCD with icons and easily-read graphics which allow all the welding parameters to be adjusted with extreme simplicity according to the operator’s needs. A clear and immediate submenu system also offers expert welders the possibility of refining and personalising management of the entire welding process. CONVEX VISION machines can be connected with robots using the CEA robot interface. If used with Digitorch or MIG up/down torches, this allows welding parameters to be remote controlled directly from the torch. VISION line equipment distinguish themselves for their innovative arc control: VISION.ARC ensures excellent welding performances with greater wire deposit, higher speed and reduced thermal dilatation. DUAL PULSE MULTIFUNCTION INVERTER POWER SOURCES FOR MIG-MAG, MMA AND TIG WELDING Attractive, highly modern design chassis incorporating latest inverter technology and welding process fully digitally controlled are main features of DIGITECH VISION PULSE series. Innovative, technologically ahead, robust and easy-to-use, they offer premium quality welding in both MIG-MAG and in Pulsed and Dual-Pulsed MIG on all materials and particularly on stainless steel, aluminium and galvanized steel, by minimizing any reworking job thanks to their spatter free welding. The DIGITECH VISION PULSE synergic digital control with its innovative color display allows even less expert welders to very easily adjust in a user friendly way all the welding parameters. DIGITECH's VISION PULSE offer also most expert welders the possibility of fine tuning and customizing the welding process control, thanks to the ability to access clear, simple and complete under menus for the best possible configuration and optimisation of the equipment. The DIGITECH's VISION PULSE versatility allows the operator achieve optimal performances both in TIG by "lift" mode striking and in MMA welding.